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Stacy changed her self-talk through the KickAss Crew and 90 Days later, she’s earning MORE MONEY than ever before!

Meet Michael Anthony:

Hi! 👋😃


I’m Michael Anthony, a bootstrapping, serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping entrepreneurs navigate this crazy (awesome) journey called life!


I come from humble beginnings of welfare to a self employed, self-made multi-millionaire.


It was HARD! Life threw lots of tough shit my way.

Physical, mental and emotional abuses.
Poverty and lack.

And I figured out a way to escape the “destiny” life meant for me by creating my future!

And I empower others to do the same!

If you resonate with taking a “no matter what” approach to level up your life, I invite you to consider joining the Kick Ass Crew!

This community is filled with people dedicated to growing from living someone else’s plan for their life to creating the destiny of their dreams!


Don’t take my word for it… See what the Crew has to say themselves!  👇👇👇

Meet The Crew:

The KickAss Crew helped Melinda change her mindset and transform her life and business!

KickAss Results:

Make Your Move.
Be Bold.

Now Is Your Time!

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The Pioneer

Designed For The Early Entrepreneur Getting Their Business Off The Ground!


What’s Included:

  • 24/7 Kick Ass Crew Community Access
  • Three KickAss Coaching & Accountability Sessions Per Week (Tues/Thurs/Fri @9am CST)

Resource Access:

  • 5 To Focus & Thrive Daily Activity Course & Planner ($49 Value)
  • Brain Dump Planning Sheet ($19 Value)
  • Access To The Entire Kick Ass Coaching & Accountability Library (Priceless)


  • $150/Month w/ 6 Month Commitment
  • Ability to Add Partner/Spouse For 50% Off!

The Eagle

 Designed for the Entrepreneur Who Has Taken Flight and Is Looking For Next Level Business Growth & Leadership Mentoring!


What’s Included:

  • Includes Everything In The Pioneer Membership PLUS:
  • Real World Coaching & Facilitation
  • Twice Monthly Eagle Mastermind Sessions with Michael Anthony
  • Exclusive KAC Merchandise
  • Early Access To New Products & Courses

Resource Access:

  • Includes Everything In The Pioneer Membership PLUS
  • Kick Ass Guide To Goals & Vision ($197 Value)

***SOLD OUT***


  • $250/ Month w/ 1 Year Commitment
  • Ability to Add Partner/Spouse For 50% Off!

Take Control. Get Unstuck. Live Empowered.

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In just 90 days, Joe used the KickAss Crew to make 2mm adjustments to become more financially free!