Did 2020 Shock You?!

Let’s Get Your Life To Kick Ass!

With the Kick Ass Crew Goal Setting and Daily Achievement Workshop You can kiss 2020 goodbye and make 2021 your best year yet!

Winning isn’t Guesswork 


When life feels overwhelming, there’s a SCIENCE to reaching your goals.

The Best Approach Is:


Able to adapt to whatever situation comes your way.


Being surrounded by like minded, Entrepreneurs who desire to kick ass is crucial!


Life is hard enough. Goal setting and Daily Achievement should not be.


You want results in easy and tough times.

Kick Ass Crew is the result of dozens of years and multiple thousands of dollars looking for a system that works for the easily distracted, multi-pressured, multi-plate spinning and Driven Go-Getter!

What I’ve developed is a Proven Daily System that…


  • You’ll learn to maximize each day and cut energy-suck distractions
  • You’ll experience the peace that comes from having a plan smart enough to handle life’s unexpected surprises
    You’ll feel joy from making progress with what matters to you, regardless of urgent, unimportant distractions that pop up
  • You’ll learn how to get back on track when your day goes to crap
  • You’ll learn how to kick overwhelm in the ass
  • You’ll learn how to avoid the dangers of self-sabotage
  • You’ll feel guilt-free doing what you love with those who matter most
  • And you will learn how to design a life on YOUR TERMS! 

Hi, I’m Michael Anthony! 

If you’re a go-getter, a side-hustle self employed, business leader or entrepreneur and ready to kick-ass in 2021, the Kick Ass Crew is designed for you! 

Here’s why

I come from humble beginnings on welfare, and at our best, a working class family to become a self employed millionaire by the age of 40!

I faced mental, emotional, physical and financial challenges that would keep many from kicking ass in life and business. I invested in dozens of “productivity” and “goal setting” seminars and systems (most didn’t do jack-squat in the real world!). I took the various pieces that delivered results, modified them for the real world and created what became a life changing system.

In the shit-sandwich we call 2020 I was able to:

  • Throw out my entire years plans and pivot
  • Launch two new businesses 
  • Launch a #1 Podcast
  • Write my first e-book
  • Develop two websites
  • Transition roles within an existing business I own
  • Fall more in love with my wife of 21+ years
  • Deepen relationships with my two children
  • Become the Principle of School-from-home for my children
  • Increase my net worth significantly (almost 50%)
  • Survive a Covid infection 
  • Join the Board of a local non-profit
  • Coach my son’s soccer team
  • Cook (and host) Family Dinner at least twice a week

Now is the time to Make Your Move. Be bold. Make Your Statement.